Working with you on search roles

Our recommendation can only be made when we know your needs. A face-to-face meeting enables us to understand your culture and establish the parameters and scope of the assignment, which will determine the solution best suited to you. 

  • Executive Search: this is the most comprehensive and detailed form of selection drawing on our extensive research resources.
  • Advertised Search: a good advertisement can tempt candidates from all sectors and reach the widest audience in the shortest possible time. Advertising your post gives you the opportunity to maximize your own success and growth, or using our banner, keep your anonymity. Candidates will also have access to your advertisement online through our website.
  • Project-based research: we pride ourselves on our ability to permeate various areas of your business. Therefore one-off projects on remuneration, competition and industry trends can be conducted easily.
  • Psychometric testing: through an external, accredited company we can have your candidates assessed.
  • Reference checking: we can conduct formal or informal reference checks on your behalf.