About VMA Enhance

About VMA Enhance
VMA Enhance delivers communications and leadership development courses for teams and individuals with a range of career backgrounds; from communications professionals to human resources, as well as senior leaders. All of our courses are based on thorough cross-industry research and are led by our expert associates. With a strong background in these disciplines, we are well placed to leverage our knowledge to provide a unique approach to training.

VMA Enhance Associates
VMA Enhance courses are led by a team of highly regarded industry leading associates. This hand-picked team all have recent in-house experience allowing them to call upon real life examples of how to add value and excel as a communications or HR practitioner. They are best placed to understand the challenges you face because they have experienced it firsthand. Associates who already provide programmes for VMA Enhance include Darren Briggs, Jenny Nabben, Caroline Goyder, Gerard Castle and Zena Everett.

Public Courses
Public courses consist of a one day workshop with an element of pre-work and a post course follow-up call/webinar/meeting. Delivered by VMA Enhance associates, public courses are sector focused workshops. They centre around a best-practice case study, interactive practical exercises, knowledge sharing and networking for delegates.

In-house Courses
In-house courses offer bespoke training delivered by VMA Enhance associates. They include best-practice case studies and tailored coaching exercises specifically designed for your team’s current challenges or skills gap. Courses can be delivered at a time, location and pace that fit in with your business schedule and follow three steps:

Session one: briefing call with VMA Enhance associate to establish the training and desired outcomes
Session two: full day face-to-face group training session delivered by a specialist VMA Enhance associate
Session three: coaching exercise to review impact, outcomes and implementation

Mentoring is an effective way of helping senior executives to progress in their careers and is becoming increasingly popular as its potential is realised. VMA Enhance's Mentoring Partnership provides access to communications experts with experience across all practice and business areas who have worked at the highest level within the communications and HR industry.

Courses available include: Managing the Message, Impact & Influence, Strategic IC Planning, Bulletproof your Media Message and High Performing Teams.

Contact us
To find out more about our courses and VMA Enhance associates please contact

Claire Tuffin, Head of VMA Enhance EMEA, on +44 (0) 207 436 4243 or email ctuffin@vmagroup.com

Kellie Brown, head of VMA Enhance Asia-Pacific, on +852 5808 2526 or email kbrown@vmagroup.com